McNess/Cairns-Cowan - 13 Sep 93

13 September 1993 (F-111C A8-127) – 7th F-111 accident 

Ground impact near Guyra, NSW

During the recovery from a night autotoss weapon delivery profile against a simulated landstrike target near Guyra, NSW, the aircraft impacted the ground and disintegrated. Both crew members were killed instantly. The accident occurred after 23 minutes of flight and at the first simulated target attack. The mission was designed to reinstate squadron proficiency in night operations as squadron aircrew had not conducted night operations for some time due to other squadron commitments. 

 Pilot:           FLTLT Jeremy “Jezz” McNess 

Cat C – 1427 hrs total time / 225 hrs F-111

Navigator:    FLTLT Mark “CC"Cairns-Cowan

Cat C – 3809 hrs total time / 291 hrs F-111

Small corollary to the 1993 F-111 crash at Guyra, NSW from Michael Andre Phillips

(source for this story, Prof. Kevin McCue)