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QLD Air Museum have produced another A8-129 poster as part of their F-111 series; this new limited addition print is signed by Steve Clarke and Ray Seville.

Thursday, 3rd December 2020 was the 10th anniversary of the RAAF’s retirement of their General Dynamics F-111 fleet. To mark the occasion the Queensland Air Museum (QAM) has released a new Limited Edition print (copy attached) signed by the pilot and navigator of QAM’s A8-129 which took part in the farewell flypast on the day in 2010. There are numerous photos of the flight on QAM’s website, including flying over the Sunshine Coast. The print has been produced by renowned Australian aviation graphic artist, Juanita Franzi and is #9 in the QAM series. It is A3 in size on quality paper. The print is available at the Museum for a cost of $25.00 or for mail orders, customers can email to express their interest. There will be an addition cost of $10 for packing and postage ($15.00 for two or more).

 Also attached is QAM’s #7 print which may be of interest, produced in 2018 to commemorate A8-129’s first flight back in 1968. This sells for $20.00. Both prints are a limited production of only 129 each. The narrative on print #9 reads:

Grey Day, Grey Aeroplanes, Grey Mood

On the 3rd December 2010 the RAAF retired its General Dynamics F-111 fleet after 37 years of service. To mark the occasion a farewell fly-past was made over an overcast South East Queensland. Five F-111Cs flew in formation above the Brisbane CBD accompanied by two of their new generation replacements, the Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet. 

Two of the formation, A8-109 and A8-129, then flew north over the Sunshine Coast before returning to their base. One of these aircraft, A8-129, was subsequently allocated to the Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra where it is proudly displayed.

On its last flight, A8-129 was flown by SQNLDR Steve Clarke and FLTLT Ray Seville, using call sign “Sword 2”and carrying the farewell 1973-2010 tail art. It was the third last aircraft to touch down at RAAF Base Amberley on that final F-111 flight.