No 6SQN’s primary role was to conduct F/RF-111C/G Operational Conversion Courses (OPCON), Refresher Training and Operational Upgrades (OPUP).  

Between 1973 and 2008, 6SQN successfully conducted 62 OPCON courses graduated 177 Pilots, 129 Navigators, 19 Air Combat Officers, three USAF WSOs and two AEOs, totalling 330 F-111C aircrew ...

6SQN OPCONs - List of Names by Course No

6SQN OPCONs - Alphabetical List of Names

 F-111 No 1 Conversion Course

Rear L-R: Mick Nott, Pete Salvair, Bill Best, Rod Scotland, Marty Susans, Les Cavanagh and Jim Graham 

Front L-R: David ‘Stumpy’ Palmer, John ‘JJ’ Wilkinson, John Kennedy, John Ross and Mick Lucas.