‘PigzBum' - formed on 3 Dec 10 @ F-111 Pigs’ Tales
by Doc Millar

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The F-111C Aircrew Association currently exists to do no more than to provide a structure where all those who flew the mighty Pig in RAAF service can get together, even if only in cyberspace, and to hold a yearly dinner to keep the spirit alive by telling some old and very bold stories (as well as downing a skinful – it was ever thus I recall). We are all equal in the F-111C Aircrew Association; whatever you have done since your time on the Pig is of passing interest only – what counts is that you were once there. 

Any old wounds and bitches are banned, Lseat or Rseat doesn’t matter, there is no retained rank, everyone’s hours are equal in quality and everyone’s stories are worth listening to – more hours in the log book means nothing more than that you should have more stories – so get ready to tell them; even you Wardo – of course try and hold him back! 

We all once shared a passion for a good friend – a wonderful jet, and revelled in our mastery of her. In many ways that has made us who we are now no matter whatever else we flew or whatever else we did or still do. I hope the younger Pig generations now on the Super Hornet will always remember where they came from and respect that – I’m sure that they will, there was much of that passion on display on the night. This is what binds us together in the F-111C Aircrew Association. 

Please spread the word to the Pig brethren who are scattered far and wide; details & dates for future PigzBum# will be posted on the web – but be there and I hope those of the brethren who were not able to attend this one can make it next year. 


PigzBum President